We are proud to announce the release of the GT-1000 Dual Element Carbon Fiber Wing. Designed from the ground up using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 3D modeling, the GT-1000 is the most aerodynamically-optimized wing we have ever produced. Representing the latest in ground-breaking aerodynamic performance, this wing includes these features and benefits:

- 71″ span, 10″ chord (main foil), 4″ chord (secondary foil)
- Ultra-high downforce, up to 1650 pound force (lbf) of downforce (at 160 MPH)
- Angle-of-Attack (AoA) adjustment from 10 to 52 degrees (relative to ground plane) on the secondary airfoil, with no stall at 52 degrees
- Side plate dimensions of 17.1″ (width) x 9.39″ (height)
- 6061 billet aluminum brackets

 To find out more, please call (909) 594-3796 or e-mail sales@aprperformance.com

Pre-preg carbon fiber composite main and secondary foils, 6061 aluminum billet support and angle adjustment brackets, and carbon/graphite end plates assembly shown…