APR Performance Front Bumper Canards help to aerodynamically fine-tune downforce balance. Formed in the autoclave at high temperatures, the APR Performance Front Bumper Canards are made from pre-preg carbon fiber materials to be strong and light weight.


  • REAR


Pattern2x2 twill weave
MaterialPre-preg carbon fiber, 3K
CoatingUV-stable clear coat
MountingPre-drilled holes to assist with mounting to factory front bumper
HardwareStainless-steel machine screws, washers, and nuts


Known for weight savings and durability, APR Performance Front Bumper Canards are formed in the autoclave at high temperatures using pre-preg manufacturing processes.

APR Performance Front Bumper Canards are molded to conform to the existing factory bumper.

APR Performance Front Bumper Canards help to re-direct drag-inducing turbulent air away from the wheel wells.

Printable APR Front Bumper Canard Templates (Click to View)

To see if the APR front bumper canard is right for your car, you can follow these simple steps to test fit an APR canard to you front bumper all from your desktop computer.

Front Bumper Canard Set A

Front Bumper Canard Set B

Step #1 Download and Print Adobe Acrobat Printouts: We offer two sizes of APR canards to choose from. Please use the Adobe Acrobat Plug-In and click on the following canard layouts. These are actual size layouts of the APR canards. The following two versions available:


Step #2 Cut Out Canard Outline: Cut out the outline of the canard.


Step #3 Attach to Your Front Bumper: You may want to use a cardboard backing for more support.