Spanning up to 78 inches over its optimized 2D airfoil shape, the APR Performance GTC-1000 Adjustable Wing supplies extreme downforce in widebody sports and touring car applications.




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Pattern2x2 twill weave
MaterialPre-preg carbon fiber, 3K
CoatingUV-stable clear coat
Wing measurementCustom span up to 71", 10" chord (main foil), 4" chord (secondary foil)
HardwareStainless-steel machine screws, washers, and nuts
Mounting6061 billet aluminum upper brackets (no pedestals or bottom mounting bases included), custom fabrication of pedestals and chassis-mounts required


Representing the latest in ground-breaking aerodynamic performance, The APR Performance GT-1000 Adjustable Wing features a dual element 2D airfoil combination that is designed to produce extreme downforce for the most demanding racing applications.

Dual element design allows less air separation at high angles of attack and reduced drag at low angles of attack.

Angle-of-Attack (AOA) adjustment range runs from 10 to 52 degrees (relative to ground plane) on the secondary airfoil, with no stall at 52 degrees.

The GT Series airfoils are composed of lightweight and durable pre-preg carbon fiber composite materials for superior strength and low weight.

Chassis mounting is required - Do not mount the APR Performance GT-1000 Adjustable Wing assembly to a vehicle trunk lid --- the downforce levels can easily deform and damage even factory OEM steel trunk lids and create hazardous conditions. Pedestals are not available for the GT-1000. All customers will be required to fabricate their own, chassis-mount pedestals for their specific applications.

Although the upper brackets (the ones that are permanently attached to the bottom of the main airfoil) have a multitude of mounting holes, the main airfoil is intended to be installed and fixed at exactly one position. For proper installation, the side plates (aka "end plates") are to be at exactly 0 degrees AOA relative to the ground plane. The main airfoil ends up being fixed at just under 5 degrees AOA (forward pitch) relative to the ground plane. 

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Modeled in 3D and validated using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the APR Performance GT-1000 Adjustable Wing is designed to adapt to a variety of widebody sports and touring car applications.

CFD Data for the GT-1000 Adjustable Wing (Click to View)


Contained herein are the data and results of the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis that was conducted on the GT-1000 airfoil. This data illustrates how the airfoil performs in different conditions by comparing Downforce vs. Angle-of-Attack (AOA) vs. Speed, and Drag vs. AOA vs. Speed. This data will provide insight with regards to how and how much the airfoil performs with respect to these conditions.

To learn how to interpret and apply this type of CFD data, see sample analysis on the GTC-300 page.

The information contained herein is property of APR Performance, and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written consent from APR Performance.


Custom applications only (chassis-mounting required).

Custom Applications (Click to View)

Custom pedestal-to-pedestal distance, built-to-order. Pedestals are not included. Chassis mounts and pedestals must be custom-built by qualified fabricator.



User assumes full responsibility for ensuring proper installation as intended. Professional installation by well-qualified personnel is highly recommended. To insure proper function and reliability, APR advises against modification or substitution of any component of the intended installation. Any modification or substitution of the airfoil, side plates, mounting brackets, or hardware included with the wing kit may create unsafe operating conditions and ultimately cause this system to fail