Carbon Fiber Care

Please, carefully read the following care tips to keep your carbon fiber piece looking its best.

Our carbon fiber products come with a UV resistant clear coat. Therefore, additional coating is not necessary if care of the product is done properly. However, the addition of a ceramic coating will aid in the longevity of the carbon piece.

1. Carbon fiber can be washed with any gentle cleanser or soap. If it is safe for the paint on your car, it will be safe for the Carbon fiber. (non-acidic/harsh cleaning products) Avoid washing vehicle in direct sunlight and do not allow water to stand on carbon fiber product and evaporate off the item. Failure to do so can create damage to the product in forms of hard water spots, hazing, white spots as well as clearcoat failure.
2. Once washed, be sure to dry the product with a soft microfiber towel to avoid scratches.
3. Wax your product periodically as you would your vehicle with a non-acidic liquid wax.
4. ***DO NOT USE PASTE WAX*** (Paste products tend to contain abrasive materials that will diminish as well as remove the clear coat surface area over time)
5. Be wary of synthetic car covers which can release residue that can harm the clear coat. If the car is being covered, you will want to check every few days for any residual residue deposited onto the carbon fiber surface.
6. If you keep your vehicle stored over long periods of time be sure to keep the products clean. Buildup of dust and debris can cause harm to the products finish.
7. Protect your products from the elements.
a. DO NOT let water dry on your products. Remove standing water as soon as possible. Carbon Fiber is a heat conductor. Therefore, leaving standing water does not only leave stains and water spots, but it will boil under humid and sunny conditions leading to accelerated clear coat damage and failure.
b. Keep your carbon fiber products out of the sun as often as possible. This will increase the life of the UV inhibitors in the clear coat.
c. Clean your products after driving on salted roads.
Due to the nature of the product, improper care can cause discoloration or damage to the clear coat. The team at APR Performance takes pride in our products. Therefore, following the tips above to increase the longevity of the finish will allow you to enjoy the products as much as we do. Thank you again for choosing APR Performance. We look forward to your business for years to come.

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Carbon Fiber Care