APR Performance Formula GT3 Mirrors reduce drag and improve visibility. APR Performance Formula GT3 Mirrors include tinted, wide angled mirror lenses to help with eliminating blind spots and glare.

Formula GT3 Mirrors


Pattern2x2 twill weave
MaterialPre-preg carbon fiber, 3K
CoatingUV-stable clear coat
MountingVehicle-specific mounting bases
HardwareStainless-steel machine screws, washers, and nuts


APR Performance Formula GT3 Mirrors are reinforced with layers of carbon fiber for weight reduction and added strength.

APR Performance Formula GT3 Mirrors use CNC-machined billet aluminum mounting bases that are designed to factory specifications for easy installation and clean fit and finish.

APR Performance Formula GT3 MIrrors include pivot arms at the mirror housing, as well as adjustable ball stubs to allow wide ranges of adjustment.

APR Performance Formula GT3 Mirrors include convex lenses that are used on both driver and passenger side mirrors to eliminate blind spots. Blue anti-glare mirror lenses are included to reduce reflections from headlight glare during nighttime driving.

Formula GT3 Universal Carbon Fiber Mirror Installation

Here are some sample instructions on how to mount our Formula GT3 Universal Carbon Fiber Mirror with a Carbon Fiber Plate. Both Formula GT3 Universal Carbon Fiber Mirror and Carbon Fiber Plate are available from APR Performance.

Installation Procedure:

1. Cut out shape of mirror mounting plate from sheet of carbon fiber.

2. Test mount the mounting plate. Make any adjustments.

3. Drill holes into the mounting plate to fix mounting plate to door frame.

4. Mount Formula GT3 Universal Carbon Fiber Mirror to the mounting plate. Drill appropriate holes.

5. Mount finished piece to door frame.

6. Your Formula GT3 Universal Carbon Fiber Mirrors are mounted.